Deal alert: Windows7 family pack is on SALE!

Posted in Deals,Software by Ruslan Ulanov on the September 29th, 2010

Win7 Home Premium Family PackIf you wanted to upgrade your household PCs to Windows 7, now would be a good time to do that.

The Microsoft Store is excited to announce the Windows 7 Family Pack will be on sale for $149! That is only $149 for 3 licenses of Windows 7!

Offer is valid while supplies last, so get the Windows 7 Family Pack from The Microsoft Store while you can and save more than $200.

Windows 7 Home Premium Upgrade Family Pack provides you with three licenses of Windows 7 Home Premium Upgrade, in either 32- or 64-bit.

Take a look at these highlighted features in Windows 7 Home Premium Upgrade Family Pack:

  • Upgrade three PCs, save more than $200
  • Package contains one disc with a license key that can be entered on as many as three machines
  • Enjoy a PC that works the way you want it to with better support for today’s technologies, like 64-bit PC hardware and memory
  • Use HomeGroup to connect all your PCs running Windows 7 to a single printer
  • Find something instantly, compare documents side-by-side, or open your favorite file in just two clicks
  • Watch Internet TV, pause, rewind, and record TV, or use Touch to interact with your PC in new ways
  • Watch movies in your Netflix queue
  • Use Windows Media Player to stream music files on any network-connected device
  • Easily change backgrounds, window colors, and sounds to reflect your personal style
  • Use Windows Search from the Start menu to instantly locate and open virtually any file on your PC—from documents to emails to songs—just by typing a word or two
  • Pin any program to the taskbar and rearrange the icons on the taskbar just by clicking and dragging
  • 90 days of Microsoft Support Services included

For more details head on to The Microsoft Store.

Windows 7 – the day has come

Posted in M@H by Ruslan Ulanov on the October 22nd, 2009
Win7 Home Premium

Win7 Home Premium

Yes, it has. It’s October 22, 2009 – the official release date of “the best Windows ever released” (a.k.a. Windows 7).

It’s also a release date of the best Media Center application ever released. No, it’s not a coincedence. Media Center is an integral part of Windows 7 (well, at least of its Home Premium and Ultimate editions).

A lot of Media Center funboys were waiting for this day to come. And Microsoft has spared no effort to polish the GUI and to support all the media and hardware you might have. They even let the DIY crowd to install cable card tuners (but that’s a different story altogether).

If you aren’t planning on byuing a new PC with Windows 7 pre-installed on it, you can head over to Microsoft Store to get the upgrade version from your current OS. I bet it’ll be worth it.

Microsoft Store

How to share media around your home and beyond

Posted in M@H by Ruslan Ulanov on the July 28th, 2009

For a while now it’s been possible to share your music, pictures, video and even live TV between different types of consumer devices. For example, you could stream MP3 files from your computer to your cell phone using a software package called Orb. Or you could watch your TV from the other side of the world using a slick little device called the SlingBox. The problem is that many of those devices were using proprietary technologies and required user to be a bit of a nerd to understand how to set-up and configure the system to work properly. You had to set-up codecs, firewalls and other things that most ‘normal’ people have no idea of.

dlna logo But soon-to-be-released Windows 7 and a variety of new-generation devices are going to change all that and take it to a whole new level in regards to inter-connectivity and cross compatibility.

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Save big on the best Windows ever!

Posted in M@H by Ruslan Ulanov on the June 26th, 2009

Microsoft has just announced pricing for its next version of operating system – Windows 7.

The Windows 7 Home Premium and Ultimate editions feature the best Media Center experience you can get, with built-in support for TV recording, Internet video, Netflix and a wealth of plug-ins from third-party developers.

The estimated retail prices for upgrading your existing XP or Vista system to Windows 7 in the U.S. will be as follows:

  • Windows 7 Home Premium (Upgrade): $119.99
  • Windows 7 Professional (Upgrade): $199.99
  • Windows 7 Ultimate (Upgrade): $219.99


The full retail versions of Windows 7 will sell in the U.S. for:

  • Windows 7 Home Premium (Full): $199.99
  • Windows 7 Professional (Full): $299.99
  • Windows 7 Ultimate (Full): $319.99

That’s a bit cheaper than similar packages of Windows Vista.  

But here’s the good news

Only from now till July 11, 2009 you can pre-order the greatest MS operating system ever with up to 58% savings! Wow! Don’t miss this chance!

If you have several systems to upgrade (and most of us do) your savings will multiply! Order direct from Microsoft Store below…

Microsoft Store

Windows 7 Beta released

Posted in M@H by Ruslan Ulanov on the January 13th, 2009

Windows 7 Beta was released to public testing last week. It seems that demand was so high that MS servers were overwhelmed with download requests. The web page showed “Server is too busy” error most of the time and later in the day the download link was removed from MS servers. This week the download link seems to work more stable. 

Microsoft doesn’t recommend installing the Beta on your primary work or home PC. So if you have an available system go download and try it for yourself. The Beta release is time-limited and will stop working in August 2009, at which point you will have to uninstall it and return to a previous version of Windows installed on that system.

As with any Beta software there are certain issues that you should know about. That’s why Microsoft urges you to thoroughly read through Release Notes before installing Windows 7 Beta on your computer. Some of the issues are severe and might corrupt your media files, so please DO read the Release Notes BEFORE you install the Beta.

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