WHS Power Pack 3 ships November 24th

Posted in M@H by Ruslan Ulanov on the November 20th, 2009

Great announcement comes our way from Windows Home Server team at Microsoft just in time for the holidays. The Power Pack 3 for WHS is coming to your favorite WHS through Windows Update on November 24th.

Among other things it will improve integration with Windows Media Center on Windows 7. In particular it will support Win7 Libraries and will allow to move Recorded TV shows from Media Center to WHS, freeing up HTPC’s hard drive space (the Recorded TV files are huge(!) and add up fast if you record TV series) and making Recorded TV shows available to other Media Center clients thoughout your home. To be fair, this feature was previously implemented as a third-party plug-in, but having it as a native component makes the WHS platform even more attractive.

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