FedEx blues

Posted in M@H by Ruslan Ulanov on the February 15th, 2008

We all remember elementary school’s math lessons.. The train left Point A at 1 pm traveling 60 mph. How long would take the train to arrive to point B…

I recently ordered some hardware for my media center rack from a store called Etech4sale. The store has a warehouse in San Jose (point A) which is about a 40 minute drive from my home (point B). The objective: How long will it take FedEx to deliver the package from point A to point B? If your answer is “about 40 minutes” — you are wrong. The correct answer is 3 days.

It is hard for me to understand the logics behind GPS software that FedEx uses. Especially knowing that other delivery services are going a great distance trying to optimize their routes. Take for instance the “big brown”. Not that long ago UPS decided to limit left-hand turns that their tracks make – to minimize idling time on intersections waiting for oncoming traffic to clear. This little trick in their “package flow” software saved them “28.5 million miles off its delivery routes, which has resulted in savings of roughly three million gallons of gas and has reduced CO2 emissions by 31,000 metric tons“.

Apparently this is not a problem for FedEx. Here’s how they solved my hardware delivery problem (click image to enlarge). Could someone explain this solution to me, please?

FedEx route FedEx route tracking

Another mystery for me is why my package was sent by FedEx when I clearly selected “UPS Ground” during check-out.

eTech4sale shipping mistery

More on UPS routes optimization: The green way to keep on trucking at Financial Times
Maps courtesy of Google.

The Ultimate Guide to Digital Video Formats

Posted in M@H by Ruslan Ulanov on the February 7th, 2008

Video formats iconsCEPro breaks down seven of the most frequently-encountered digital video formats available today -MPG (MPEG), AVI, MOV, ASF, WMV, RM, FLV in its Ultimate Guide to Digital Video Formats.

It’s a good and easy to grasp article for the newbies to get you up-to-speed on the subject. Check it out here.

Image credit: CEPro

Largest plasma selling

Posted in M@H by Ruslan Ulanov on the October 30th, 2007

Panasonic 103? plasma Anybody looking to dump a year’s worth salary on a pretty flat screen? Then look no further than Panasonic’s 103″ plasma. It’s selling now for a mere $69,995.00.


  • Full HD pixel resolution of 1,920 horizontal x 1,080 vertical
  • Industry’s leading 16-bit processing to produces 4,096 steps of gradation
  • Contrast ratio of up to 4,000:1 to reproduce exceptionally deep, rich blacks
  • Effective display area is approximately 89″ wide by 50″ high
  • Supports 1080/60p/50p, 1080/60i/50i/24p/24sF/25p/30p, 1080/50i, 720/60p/50p, 480/60i/p, and 575/50i/p video signals
  • Advanced Dual Picture mode to overlay a video image onto a full-screen PC image
  • Expanded configurations for multi-screen displays and the ability to enlarge an image up to 4X vertically and horizontally
  • Three interchangeable slots and comes standard with the TY-FB9DD DVI board (compatible with UXGA input), TY-42TM6A analog component board, an integrated D-sub15 PC input, and an integrated D-sub9 RS-232C interface
  • Plug-in architecture allows the addition of multi-function terminal boards for added connectivity and functionality

Oh, yeah. Professional installation is required. 🙂

Hello media world!

Posted in M@H by Ruslan Ulanov on the September 20th, 2007

This blog is dedicated to hardware and applications for managing your movie/music/photo collections. We’ll also talk about such subjects as Windows XP Media Center Edition (MCE) and Windows Vista, their plug-ins and third party applications, TV tuners, DVD players, etc.

You are welcome to comment, write about your experience in the aforementioned topics or just read what we have to say.

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