The Pre Release of My Movies 4 is now available

Posted in HTPC,News,Software by Ruslan Ulanov on the March 1st, 2011

If you are lucky to have 2500 points in your My Movies account, you can download and try the next major release of My Movies 4.

Below are a few highlights from the Release Notes.

TV Series support

My Movies 4 brings extended TV Series support to My Movies for Windows Media Center and My Movies Collection Management. You have with My Movies 3 always been able to add TV Series on DVD, Blu-ray or HD DVD to your collection, and users of TV series in online single file structures have been able to have their TV series supported to some extend by using the Series/Box set functionality along with the option to add multiple discs to a disc title profile.

With My Movies 4, we are extending this functionality to what some will refer to as proper TV series import, monitoring, management and browsing. The pre release is intended for users who would like to participate in reviewing, testing and giving us feedback for My Movies 4. The pre release requires 2,500 points or a licensed installer license file to participate – this is done to limit the amount of participating users to a level that we are able to handle support wise.

The functionality implemented for TV series is similar in requirements to what was originally created in XBMC, and today is used in various projects.

Media Center Start Menu Changes

My Movies 4 menu strip

Both Windows Vista and Windows 7 is currently supported by My Movies 4, however some functionalities are only available in Windows 7, such as the extended configuration options for the start menu.

There are changes in the Windows 7 SDK for Windows Media Center that we currently do not make use of, but consider making use of. Due to this, we are also considering if we whould make My Movies 4 a product exclusively for Windows 7, and deprecate support for Windows Vista.

This is something we would like to hear your thoughts of on our forums.

In My Movies 3, the menu items in the Media Center start menu were not configurable, and there was only an option for having one strip. To better support the requirement for TV series, My Movies 4 by default contains two strips – one called “Movies” with the movie library functionality, and another called “TV Series” with the tv series library functionality. These sections devide movies and tv series into seperate libraries.

My Movies for Windows Home Server 1.6.*.* and My Movies for Windows Media Center 4

My Movies for Windows Home Server is at the time of the pre release of My Movies 4 not updated for the TV Series functionality. It can however with one exception still fully function as a back-end for My Movies 4. The exception to this is that since the Windows Home Server software does not know of the added folders used for TV Series, it’s backup functionality will not include TV Serie graphics. This means that any backup during the pre release must be made from the Collection Management side.

We will during the pre release period release a Windows Home Server version where it’s backup will be able to backup TV Series as well, however we do not know yet when a release will be available where folder monitoring will function with TV Series functionality.

We expect the final release of My Movies 4 to be available in the first week of April, but based on the amount of feedback and the workload this gives, this date can change.

For more information please see the Pre-release Notes

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