Google TV news round-up

Posted in News by Ruslan Ulanov on the May 25th, 2010

The recent announcement by Mountain View giant caused the news waves going around the globe.

google_tv Yes, I’m talking about Google TV, the latest attempt of the company to get into, and potentially dominate, yet another (and arguably the largest) AD medium – your TV.

So what is Google TV and how is it different from other solutions, such as Boxee or Roku?

Google TV is primarily a software application running either on a set-top box or directly inside specifically-designed TVs.

The software will run on Android platform and will include Google’s Chrome browser that will allow you to browse the entire world wide web and get access to multitude of online video services including, but not limited to, Youtube, Netflix and Hulu (provided Hulu would not block it, like it did for Boxee and Kylo). The platform will be powered by some custom version of Intel’s Atom processor and will feature the upcoming version of Flash (v10.1) which is specifically optimized for hardware video processing.

Google TV will feature some unique capabilities, such as using your cell phone as a remote allowing you to speak your commands to Google TV.

Logitech Companion Box

Logitech Companion Box

The first products featuring Google TV are scheduled to be released by the holiday season this year. And among the first are Logitech’s Companion Box, featuring simple one-cable (HDMI) connection to your TV and also Logitech’s brand Harmony technology allowing it to control external devices such as cable or satellite boxes and DVRs. Logitech also showcased an iPhone app utilizing Harmony’s activity-based controls to drive the companion box and a few other devices in the media rack.

Another announced partner, Sony, promised to put Google TV in its Blu-ray players and a new line of HDTVs.

To see how Google TV compares to the competition check out PCMag’s Google TV vs. Apple TV (and Everyone Else) article.

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