Lifeware Media Centers go mainstream

Posted in M@H by Ruslan Ulanov on the October 20th, 2008

Life|ware logoExceptional Innovation LLC today stroke a deal with AVAD on exclusive distribution of its Life|ware software through 37 AVAD branches nationwide. Each branch will provide training and demo facilities for dealers.

Life|ware is a software for controlling home automation devices such as: Lighting, Thermostats, Security alarms, Cameras, Window Shades, Audio Devices. Life|ware is seamlessly integrated into a Windows Media Center PC, converging home control with digital entertainment via a simple remote control interface.

AVAD is one of the largest US distributors for custom installation industry. They have tried other Media Center based solutions in the past, namely Niveus products, “but few of the boxes were sold and the two companies parted ways”.

Life|ware on the other hand recently had great success at Disney’s Innoventions Dream Home where they’ve partnered with Microsoft and HP to showcase what’s possible with the Media Center solution “done right”. The Dream Home is a 5,000-plus square-foot home stuffed with “more than 2,500 pieces of digital media on the Dream Home network available to all devices in the structure. This includes pictures, original video, music, graphics, recorded television and movies”.

With the economic downturn Windows Media Center attracts more interest from consumers as a low-cost alternative to high-end home theater installations. Windows Media Center is available on all Vista Home Premium and Vista Ultimate systems as well as older Windows XP MCE platforms.

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  • David

    When I copy a TV show to a DVD it won't play on any dvd players.
    What am I doing wrong?

    • David,
      Unless your DVD can play .wtv or .dvr-ms files directly (I\’m not aware of any DVD players that are capable of that) you\’ll have to convert the recorded shows to a format that your DVD would be able to play. Check out this video for one of the possible solutions.