Niveus Search BETA released for public testing

Posted in M@H by Ruslan Ulanov on the September 24th, 2008

Niveus Software Labs today released a new free Beta software called Niveus Search for limited testing by general public. Niveus Search is a plug-in for Windows Vista Media Center application that allows you to search across all your local media (including Music, Photo, Video, Recorded TV and even TV Guide) as well as few on-line sources such as Flickr, NetFlix and

The distribution consists of two components – the Niveus Control Server that allows remote access to Media Center and the actual Niveus Search plug-in, which after installation will show up in the main Media Center strip alongside TV+Movies, Sports, Music, etc.

The search process is very simple – select New Search from Niveus Search strip and type a few characters on your remote control or select keypad button to show “a-la iPhone” on-screen keypad (it has specific “.com” and “@” buttons, though I’m not quite sure why would you need them for searching your media files).

The Niveus Search strip also provides a Resent menu for quick access to your previous searches.

All in all Niveus Search could be a very useful little gadget especially for people with large media libraries.

The Niveus Search is available for 60 day trial download from Niveus Software Labs Forum. Free registration on the forum is required to download the file.

See the gallery for screen shots after the jump.

UPDATE (9/26): I’ve spent some more time playing with Niveus Search and here are some of the issues I’ve discovered:

  1. One letter searches make no real sense, unless you are looking for things that Start with that letter;
  2. For some reason there are no thumbnails for Recorded TV (“thumbnail unavailable” icon is shown instead);
  3. By default Niveus Search centers on Flickr results, and that would be the last thing I’d consider looking at when searching MY media library (especially since there’s no way to enter your own account info for Flickr);
  4. Most of the time Flickr returns really weird results (but that’s not the fault of Niveus Search);
  5. Sometimes it takes a while to render thumbnails for Music and/or Video files

What do you think of Niveus Search? Post your comment below.

P.S.┬áKudos to┬áBrian for pointing out the spelling error. It’s fixed now. Sorry about that.

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