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CustomCTRL | Home Automation DIY

The future looks bright for CustomCTRL

Posted in Hardware,Industry News by Ruslan Ulanov on the April 17th, 2011

It’s Mostly Cloudy in Washington, DC today, but the forecast for Daniel Kleinman, the Washington, DC native, today got much brighter, as his project CustomCTRL hit the headlines of Washington Post‘s Business section.

Danny Kleinman does not fit the stereotypical persona of a hacker. He appears to shower often. He does not live in his basement. He has a girlfriend. Governments are not, to his knowledge, looking for him.

writes in his article Michael S. Rosenwald. He further goes to look into the “makers” movement in US and around the World which seems to be gaining momentum in the resent years with the rise of open hardware and open-source software.

“Policymakers and economists always assumed that consumers just consumed and that they don’t innovate,” said Eric von Hippel, who studies technological innovation and makers at MIT’s business school. “What’s clearly happening now is that all of a sudden it’s easier for us to make exactly what we want.”

CustomCTRL has already secured close to $20,000 from 150 backers on Kickstarter, with 16 days to go and $33,000 goal for initial product launch.

Read the rest of the story “Tech mogul? Nope. Any old hack will do.” in Washington Post.


New CustomCTRL experimental app video published

Posted in Industry News,Software by Ruslan Ulanov on the April 8th, 2011

Daniel Kleinman, the man behind a new home automation controller called CustomCTRL, has published a new video of the experimental iOS app prototype. It uses the accelerometer, compass and wifi signal strengths of the smartphone to add some pretty impressive capabilities. It’s really cool! Check it out below.

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YouTube Link to new CustomCTRL app video