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INSTEON Announces Windows and Windows Phone Apps for Connected Home Control and Monitoring

Posted in Home Automation,Software by Ruslan Ulanov on the May 23rd, 2014

IRVINE, Calif. – March 15, 2014 – INSTEON, creators of the world’s best-selling home automation and control technology, today announced that an enhanced version of its INSTEON app will be available for Windows 8.1 and Windows Phone 8 devices as of June 1, 2014. The app comes with exclusive new features, making home automation even easier for everyone, from the ultra-techie to the average homeowner. Quickly following the release of the INSTEON app for Windows PCs, tablets and phones, INSTEON connected home devices will come to Microsoft retail stores.

The INSTEON family of devices turns any home into a connected home. INSTEON users are able to set up lighting scenes, schedule lights to automatically turn on and off, and monitor their homes via wireless cameras from any mobile device. INSTEON kits and modules allow users to receive instant notification alerts when doors and windows are opened or closed, or when there is a water leak in the home. INSTEON provides all of this and more via a free app with no monthly fees.

Windows-exclusive INSTEON app features
In addition to taking full advantage of the bold design and dynamic interface experience Windows 8.1 provides, INSTEON has included new features to this app release that are exclusive to the Windows platform, including:

  • – Visitor Mode – provides restricted access to children or guests in your home
  • – Live Tiles  get status on multiple devices directly on your Windows 8.1 Start screen (not currently available on Windows Phone 8)
  • – Enhanced Camera Support  view multiple cameras at once, view full-screen, and camera support without the need of an INSTEON Hub
  • – Multi-House Support – enables you to control multiple homes or businesses from a single account
  • – Dashboard View – a quick and organized view of the status of your home

“The Windows 8.1 platform provided INSTEON with an unparalleled opportunity to develop a beautiful and easy-to-use connected home experience. The Live Tile architecture is especially well-suited for home automation,” said Joe Dada, CEO, INSTEON. “Users are going to love controlling their INSTEON-connected home from their Windows devices.” (continue reading this article and leave comments here…)

Introducing SmartThings Labs

Posted in Home Automation,Industry News,Software by Ruslan Ulanov on the January 9th, 2014

SmartThingsLabsToday at the International CES 2014 Physical Graph Corp. introduced the SmartThings Labs, a new category in their SmartApps catalog that will give users early access to up and coming features currently undergoing the beta testing.

The three products we’re debuting in the SmartThings Lab are currently being showcased in our #HelloSmartHome connected house at CES: Philips hue, Belkin WeMo, and Sonos.

Supposedly integration for other products demoed at the CES (like Jawbone and the August smart lock) will be coming to SmartThings Labs in the coming months.

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For more information on the new SmartThings Labs apps please see SmartThings Blog.


MobiLinc Pro for iOS receives a major update

Posted in Software by Ruslan Ulanov on the June 23rd, 2011

MobiLinc Pro

MobiLinc Pro Insteon and X10 Controller was updated to a new major version 3.00.

MobiLinc is the leading software for INSTEON on iOS (and recently Android) devices. It supports the following Insteon Controllers: ISY-99i or 26 from Universal Devices, SmartLinc 2412N Firmware Version 3.0, PowerLinc 2414 USB or Serial.

Here’s what’s new in this major release… (continue reading this article and leave comments here…)

New CustomCTRL experimental app video published

Posted in Industry News,Software by Ruslan Ulanov on the April 8th, 2011

Daniel Kleinman, the man behind a new home automation controller called CustomCTRL, has published a new video of the experimental iOS app prototype. It uses the accelerometer, compass and wifi signal strengths of the smartphone to add some pretty impressive capabilities. It’s really cool! Check it out below.

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YouTube Link to new CustomCTRL app video


HomeGuru app receives support for ISY controllers

Posted in Home Automation,Software by Ruslan Ulanov on the October 6th, 2010


The iPhone/iPad application HomeGuru by zenwheel has just received a major update to version 2.0. The new version adds support for Universal Devices’ ISY99i series of controllers.

If you have a SmartLinc INSTEON controller from SmartLabs, HomeGuru is the perfect way to control your home’s lights and appliances. It allows you to view a list of all configured scenes in your house, view their status and control them by sending on, off or fade commands to them. It is much quicker and friendlier than using the web interface to the device, especially if you use authentication. HomeGuru supports all the devices the SmartLinc knows about automatically, no further configuration is necessary.

What’s new

Version 2.0 is much improved with a new, faster to navigate user interface with all common controls on one screen. It also adds support for the Universal Device’s ISY series of INSTEON controllers in addition to the SmartLinc. This version supports thermostats (yes, plural), direct-dimming, retina display and an interface enhanced for iPad.