MobiLinc Pro for iOS receives a major update

Posted in Software by Ruslan Ulanov on the June 23rd, 2011

MobiLinc Pro

MobiLinc Pro Insteon and X10 Controller was updated to a new major version 3.00.

MobiLinc is the leading software for INSTEON on iOS (and recently Android) devices. It supports the following Insteon Controllers: ISY-99i or 26 from Universal Devices, SmartLinc 2412N Firmware Version 3.0, PowerLinc 2414 USB or Serial.

Here’s what’s new in this major release…

All Controllers:
– Reduced taps to navigate app.
– New Navigation Slider Bar accessible from anywhere in the app.
– ICON based control. Tap the icon to turn devices/scenes on and off.
– New theme ICONs and a new theme called Red Fusion.
– Select from a number of custom ICONS.
– Transfer Settings and Plug-Ins to another MobiLinc app on another device!
– Horizontal and Landscape modes supported.

New Features for ISY users:
– Syncs with ISY in the background. No more manual syncing on ISY configuration changes.
– Supports controlling scenes through devices.
– Scene ON Level calculated by MobiLinc.
– New Thermostat interface.
– Energy Plug-In comes Free! Requires the Energy monitor plug-in from the ISY.
– Set any part or all of a program as a favorite.
– Add new INSTEON devices to your ISY from the My Devices menu.

New Features for SmartLinc Users:
– New Thermostat interface.

New Features for PowerLinc Users:
– Scene On Level.

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