How to use iPhone as a wireless microphone for a PC

Posted in Home Automation,Software by Ruslan Ulanov on the May 4th, 2010

Here’s a fresh new idea for home automation enthusiasts. Apparently, you can use your iPhone or the last generation iPod Touch (the one with a mic) as an external wireless microphone used to relay voice commands to your home automation controller (provided it’s a Windows-based PC).

No, there’s no app for that (yet), so you will have to fumble with a few pieces of software on your PC, but the result could be well worth the time spent.

This great idea comes courtesy of Greg Badros (ex-Google, and now Facebook’s Director of Engineering) who explains the process in details on his blog. So follow Greg’s Tech Mumblings to find out how he managed to blend together Homeseer, Skype and Virtual Audio Cable ($30) for a very neat set-up.

And here’s the good news for Android fans – this set-up will work with your Droid too.

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