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Innovative light switches from Basalte | Home Automation DIY
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Innovative light switches from Basalte

Posted in Hardware,Home Automation by Ruslan Ulanov on the December 22nd, 2009

Being a home automation enthusiast I’ve seen a lot of different light switches, keypads and even LCD touch screens. And to tell you the truth majority of them are either pretty boring or too complex.

And then there are light switches from Belguim-based Basalte, that has a very sleek website, but also some pretty innovative switches, that were rightfully awarded with numerous prestigious design awards such as Red Dot and iF product design.

Sentido switch

Sentido switch

The sentido switch, for example, has multi-touch sensitive surface that can perform different functions based on how/where you touch it. It’s compatible with KNX/EIB home automation systems popular in Europe. Available in a variety of colors and finishes it will match your room’s décor. The multicolor LED in the middle of the switch could be programmed with any color that pleases you. And on top of that it has built-in temperature sensor that can report room temperature back to the home automation system, now how cool is that!

Though, it has one significant drawback – it’s available only in Europe. :)

Sentido LED lights

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