Wii would like to.. control your home

Posted in DIY Projects,Home Automation by Ruslan Ulanov on the March 18th, 2009

Don’t get me wrong, the Wii is lots of fun! But if you will ever get tired of doing Pilates or playing a fake guitar on your Wii console, you can find a new and exciting application for it by following this DIY automation project from Wii Hacks blog.

All you’ll need is a few INSTEON-enabled lights in your home, and a ControlLinc connected to a LAMPbox. For a more advanced set-up you can throw in a Proliphix thermostat, a few AXIS IP cameras and a control system from Aurora Multimedia to drive your TV, DVR, DVD, etc.

See the demo video of this project after the jump.

Nintendo Wii Controlled Smarthome

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Via Twitter/homeautomation

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